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We have currently suspended the public COVID screening test at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding!

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20 Minutes

to peace of mind

You want

Rapid Assurance

Patented Nanosensor

Detects viral DNA


Point of Care Solution



How Does It Work?


At a convenient point-of-care site, provide a painless sample of saliva


On-site staff place sample on prepped nano-sensors


If viral DNA/RNA is present in the sample our Machine Learning algorithms detect it and provide the results in under 20 minutes

How is this different from other COVID tests?

* Veralize has been tested with synthetic strains of COVID and yielded 95% accuracy. Sign up to get a screening test and help us increase our sample set.

** PCR-based tests are the gold standard for COVID testing, but accuracy problems occur during transport of samples and in early cases before viral load is high

*** LAMP-based tests have shown a high rate of false negatives, mostly due to the amplification process that requires a high viral load



Testing method





Technology basis


high accuracy *

non-invasive saliva sample


adaptable to all strains

less than 20 minutes

very affordable


digital nanosensor


fair **

invasive swab

not adaptable

3 days


not portable

thermal cycling


high false negatives ***

invasive swab

not adaptable

30 minutes



chemical reaction

Our Device

Manufactured in the US to the highest standards, our device sensitivity is better than RT-PCR and its specificity is better than current lab tests of any kind.

Simple user interface, easy to use. Machine Learning facilitates onsite data analysis and the provision of results in under 20 minutes.

Infectious diseases will continue to be a threat even after COVID has been managed. The Veralize system is designed to identify a wide range of bacterial and viral infections. The nano-tube test strips can be encoded with new detection information and provide long-term confidence.

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Who needs Veralize?


Students will be returning to classrooms and rapid on-site testing can provide peace of mind for families and staff

Small Businesses

Keep your employees and customers safe with a low-cost testing regimen and contact tracing capability


When one team member is exposed, the entire team is vulnerable. Routine testing keeps everyone on the field.

Your Family

The Veralize device is designed  to be affordable. For less than a week at the beach, you can keep your loved ones safe.

Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase the device?

contact info@12-15mds.com

Has this device received FDA approval?

We are still seeking FDA approval and need to provide positive tests. If you think you may have COVID and would like a screening, please click the sign up button to schedule an appointment for screening. Veralize and the screening provided have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and the results are for screening purposes only.

How can I invest in this technology?

We are currently seeking investors that want to help humanity. To find out more, check out our investor page.

Is the screening painless?

Yes, the process is completely painless and non-invasive. It involves providing a saliva sample in a test tube.

How does the technology work?

The core of the technology is the use of carbon nanotube testing strips that provide an electrical signal when the primed virus information encoded on the chip matches any virus in the sample. Half of the virus DNA/RNA is used like a lock and the test sample serves as the key. By algorithmically analyzing the results with our machine learning system, we can provide 95% accuracy and early detection, even when there are no symptoms of the virus. If you're interested in the details, check out the following downloadable PDFs: Rapid Point of Care Bionanosenor for Detection of RNA/Virus Infections Nanobiosensor RNA Detection Ultra- sensitive Point Of Care Biosensor for Detecting Pathogeneses


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